Woman wearing N95 Face Mask outdoors in Fort Lauderdale due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Source: Image by Marie LaFauci / Getty

Florida residents in one particular area are taking a position against wearing masks, and made it clear at a Palm Beach County commission meeting.

One of the many reasons will also leave many speechless.

From Yahoo! News:

‘I don’t wear a mask for the same reason I don’t wear underwear: Things gotta breathe.’

Many who appeared at the podium were speaking very highly against wearing masks, saying there was going to be a lot of trouble in regards to “satanism, pedophilia, and even death” when to protecting one another from COVID-19.

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Even though Florida is becoming one of the worst “hot spots” for the disease, that is not stopping the anti-maskers from making all sorts of outrageous claims as to why they won’t be playing things safe.  This comes after Palm Beach County had voted to “require masks in all public indoor spaces.”

See all of the wacky responses for yourself below:

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