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One of the local ice cream shops in the Cleveland area has had it with customers going after employees wearing masks in midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  So it has now taken their stance on social media.

From WJW Fox 8 News Cleveland:

Mootown Creamery posted on its Facebook page Tuesday morning about customers mistreating workers, who are mostly teenage girls, for wearing state-required masks during the coronavirus pandemic. The owner made the decision to also require guests to wear masks while in the store, saying it’s for the protection of employees and customers.

Here is Mootown’s Facebook post below:

The post reveals that some of the younger employees have cried from the reactions of the customers.

Mootown has also mentioned that if those who don’t like the changes and rules can “go somewhere else if you want to behave that way,” and that they “are not going to ruin the experience for everyone else.”

The popular creamery also took the time to thank those who have been supportive and encouraging in adjusting to the COVID-19 guidelines while staying open.


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Article Courtesy of WJW Fox 8 News Cleveland

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