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Three of Ohio’s counties are now at Level 3 in the state’s Public Health Advisory System in regards to COVID-19 risk.

Summit, Lorain and Trumbull have each moved up in the Public Emergency alert chart.  Those three have now been added to the mask wearing mandate that has already started for several of the state’s other counties, but it will start for those three on July 10.

From WEWS News 5 Cleveland:

DeWine confirmed Thursday that all counties in Ohio that are new Level 3 will be under a face mask mandate, among other measures, beginning Friday at 6 p.m.

One county that is already on both the mask order and Level 3, Cuyahoga, is now approaching the highest level at Level 4:

Cuyahoga County has been listed at Level 3 since the system was announced on July 2, but on Thursday DeWine announced that the county is on the verge of tipping into the Level 4 category.

This is due to the increase in those who have tested positive where “increase in weekly COVID-19 cases in Cuyahoga County — 999 from June 24 to June 30 — the average new cases in the day doubling from 66 to 151 between June 16 to June 28.”

Average emergency room visits went from 19 to 50 per day, hospital admissions are now up from seven per day to 20, and the amount of cases that are “confirmed and suspected” of COVID-19 went from 41 to 233.  Those are compared between June and July in Cuyahoga County.

As for Summit and Trumbull counties, they are up a level, according to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, due to more cases along with hospitalization, “emergency room visits and outpatient visits.”  Religious and spiritual settings, business and organization settings, an outbreak at an apartment building in Trumbull County, and outbreaks at “long-term care facilities.”

A total of 18 counties have moved up one level, but Huron County went down from Level 3 to Level 2.  Mask wearing is no longer “mandated” in that county.

Here is more of what Gov. DeWine has released:

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