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Derek Chauvin, ex-officer charged in George Floyd’s death, accused of tax evasion

Derek Chauvin and his estranged wife have been charged with failing to file tax returns and underreporting income.  Read More

60,000 Deep: The Sounds & Images Of Houston Coming Together For George Floyd [PHOTOS]
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Ohio’s mask mandate begins Thursday, says Gov. Mike DeWine

As of Thursday at 6 p.m., masks will be mandated in all Ohio counties across the state. Previously, masks had only been mandated for counties that had reached the state’s Level 3 coronavirus (COVID-19) risk level.  Read More

Grocery Run Couture: 10 Black-Made Face Masks You Can Rock During The COVID-19 Crisis
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Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says he wouldn’t support repealing House Bill 6

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said he wouldn’t support the repealing of the bill that’s at the center of a federal bribery case.  Read More

Local school systems investing in spray and fog machines to clean amid COVID-19 concerns

Local school districts are investing into spraying and fogging systems to help them clean this school year. Parma City Schools Superintendent Charles Smialek says his district invested in the professional grade spraying system.   Read More


The renovated Akron apartment building will provide transitional housing for students & their families who may be facing challenges, including homelessness.  Read More

LeBron And Savannah James Are #ParentGoals
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Republicans seeking $100 weekly unemployment extension, down from $600

The $600 per week Congress gave out starting in March is set to expire Friday as millions remain out of work.  Read More

Megan Thee Stallion Claps Back At Draya For The Recent Comments She Made

Draya joined a podcast and during the interview, she made comments about Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez. Read More

Megan Thee Stallion Has Her Stiletto On Our Necks And Won’t Let Up
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“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” is NOT documenting any of Kanye West‘s current bipolar episode — and the order came down from Kim herself Read More

Kanye West Twitter Rant: “Everybody knows the movie Get Out is about me”
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Kanye West has a steady stream of close friends showing up in Wyoming — the latest being Damon Dash, who he took for an essential items shopping trip.  Read More

Who’s Responsible For Kanye West? Twitter Debates Kim Kardashian, Mental Health And Misogyny
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KFC To Debut 3D-Printed Chicken This Fall: It’s The Meat Of The Future

This Fall, KFC, the fast-food chain known for its finger-lickin’ chicken, will be debuting a new restaurant concept, 3D-printed chicken, otherwise known as “the meat of the future.” Read More

Philadelphia District Attorney Says Federal Agents Will’ Face Criminal Charges’ If They Act Unlawfully

There are reports of unidentifiable federal agents running amuck in Portland, with protesters being arrested, beaten, and people snatched off the streets by agents in unmarked vehicles.  Read More

Whitewashing, Literally: California Town Erases #BlackLivesMatter Mural Because KKKaren Asked For “MAGA 2020” Mural

Black Lives Matter isn’t a controversial statement. It isn’t even a political statement. It’s a statement of fact. Statements of fact don’t need counterpoints.  However, if you let a socially-corrosive Karen in Redwood City, California tell it, there are “alternative facts” that she desperately needs to publicize. Read More

Erykah Badu Announces ‘Entangled’ Line of Vagina-Scented Incense

Clearly been inspired by the Jada Pinkett Smith/August Alisna affair drama.  Erykah Badu has announced a new line of vagina-scented incense called “Entanglement,” which she plans to sell on her online store “all thru august,” she said.  Read More

Quarantine Fashion Battle: Jill Scott ‘Verzuz’ Erykah Badu
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Trump says he is sending ‘hundreds’ of federal law enforcement officers to Chicago

The president continues to paint cities run by Democrats as out of control and poorly managed.  Read More

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