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Animaniacs LIVE!

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One of the beloved cartoons of the 1990’s is making a comeback!

‘Animaniacs’ is heading to the streaming platform Hulu with brand-new episodes later this fall on November 20.  This will be the first time Yakko, Wakko, and Dot have come appeared with new material since 1998, as reported by TVLine.

Not only are fans getting the new shows, but the revival has been renewed for a second season to air in 2021!

From Uproxx:

News of a second season already on the way is certainly exciting for fans, as it means seeing more of the Spielberg-produced show won’t rely on it getting a huge number of eyeballs this fall. Some of the show’s bits are still beloved to this day, and the news that Pinky and The Brain are back as well gives considerable hope that the show’s vibe remains the same on the streaming giant.

To make the big announcement of the arrival of the new ‘Animaniacs,’ Hulu had Tress MacNeille, the voice of Dot, to give an audio of the show coming to the popular streaming service.

‘Animaniacs’ originally premiered in 1993 on Fox Kids Network.  The show would later move to Kids WB! in 1995 and with Pinky and the Brain getting their own show also in ’95.


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Article Courtesy of Uproxx

First and Second Picture Courtesy of Rebecca Sapp and Getty Images

Tweet and Audio Courtesy of Twitter, Hulu, and Uproxx

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