Marsha B.

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A huge part of my natural haircare journey is trying new products. Just because your hair loves one shampoo and conditioner, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try others. Certain products can have a different effect on your hair, and as  the seasons transition from summer to fall, I wanted to try a brand that would add moisture to my hair.

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I was slightly familiar with the Darshana Beauty brand. I knew them to be a haircare company that marketed to women with natural hair. Their award-winning Indian hair oil is known to restore hair from root to tip. When the brand offered to send me a few products, I was excited to see how the oil, shampoo and conditioner would mess with hair.

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I used the Darshana Moisturizing Shampoo ($18.00), the Moisturizing Conditioner ($24.00), and the Natural Indian Hair Oil ($18.00). The shampoo and conditioner have a new and improved formula that has no sulfates, parabens, silicones, or artificial fragrances. Both products are supposed to repair, strengthen, and protect your hair. The hair oil is supposed to bring life back to dry and damaged hair.

Marsha B.

Source: Ambitious Shooters Photography / Ambitious Shooters Photography

First of all, the smell alone was enough to make me love these products. The citrus smell coated my hair from root to tip. I felt like I was walking around with a bunch of oranges on my head. Secondly, my twist-out was the juiciest I’ve ever seen it. Not only did the combination of products lock in moisture, they eliminated any sight of frizz.

I washed my hair with the shampoo and then I let the conditioner sit on my head for about 20 minutes. Once I was done, I rubbed the Indian oil into my scalp and added a bit more to the body of my hair. I completed my wash day with a twist-out using Design Essentials Leave-In Conditioner and custard.

Marsha B.

Source: Ambitious Shooters Photography / Ambitious Shooters Photography

I can’t get over how full and healthy my hair looks! The Darshana Beauty’s shampoo, conditioner, and Indian oil made my tresses look full and thick. To shop the products I used, visit the brand’s website.

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