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The A’s Rap community continues to encourage fans and locals alike to make sure their voice is heard with this upcoming election. Big Boi has given back to city essentials workers in a thoughtful way.


As spotted on TMZ the still very active OutKast member is putting his money where his mouth if when it comes to our boots to the ground representation in Atlanta. On Saturday, October 24 the “SpottieOttieDopaliscious” rapper partnered with Postmates and World Central Kitchen to serve meals to poll workers. He used the app to send over trays of shrimp tacos and pan-seared chicken.  The gesture was well received by the staff as the city has been facing massing lines during the early voting phase.

While Daddy Fat Sacks did not take to his social media channels to immediately brag about the gesture he did remind his followers that he has been an advocate for voting for many years. He reposted a clip from 2003 of him chatting with MTV News regarding having a defeatist attitude regarding the results from the polls.

“I don’t think they should feel disillusioned because if you give up on the system then you can never truly be apart of it know what I am saying?” he rhetorically asked. “I mean the most you can do you know cash your vote in and try to get that to count towards something. I mean they can’t you know sabotage it ever time you know but people have a voice. What we got to do, everybody’s got to get out there. If you’re old enough to vote, just go out and vote.”


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