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There is now going to be money set aside for improvements that are going to be made at FirstEnergy Stadium near the lake in Downtown Cleveland.

City Council has approved having $12 million go towards fixing up the 21-year-old facility that will include new pedestrian ramps alongside “repairs to the stadium’s electrical and plumbing infrastructure.”

Those are not the only places at the stadium that need to be fixed.

From WEWS News 5 Cleveland:

The proposed repairs also include the replacement of hot water tanks; the installation of chiller lines to the south end of the stadium; the replacement of compressors in walk-in coolers and freezers; the replacement of the stadium’s lighting control system; the replacement of corroded fire sprinkler lines as well as the patching and replacing of structural and non-structural concrete.

“The City of Cleveland and the Browns, as part of their lease, require that the facility condition audit and assessment be done every five years. It’s called a capital audit report. It’s intended to satisfy the lease requirements,” said Matthew Spronz, the city’s capital projects director.

Despite the findings from the “capital repair audit” that is what’s leading to repairs, FirstEnergy Stadium is pretty much in good shape considering the weather conditions and when it first opened up, which was back in 1999 as Cleveland Browns Stadium.

The current Downtown home of the Browns “is considered to be well maintained thus maximizing the useful service life of the various system that comprises a modern-day professional sports facility,” as mentioned in the report.

There could also be more repairs down the road at the stadium including a lot of the lower seats, as well as upgrading and improving the “broadcast and lighting facilities as well as its technology.”

A lot more than $12 million will have to go into improving the stadium as $33 million is needed within the next two to five years, while an additional $35 million needs to be poured into the facility with the next six to ten years.


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Article Courtesy of WEWS News 5 Cleveland

First and Second Picture Courtesy of Don Juan Moore and Getty Images

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