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It appears that the statewide curfew in Ohio that has been in place to help reduce the further spread of coronavirus is going to be around longer than anticipated.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has mentioned in a recent press conference on Jan. 21 that the curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. will continue past the Jan. 23 expiration date.

It will stay because “the numbers are in terms of the total amount of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.”  In other words, the pandemic is not going away anytime soon and it shows no signs of slowing down anywhere, especially in Ohio.

There is no announcement as of right now of a new timeline or extension date.

From WKYC 3News Cleveland:

He said health officials are balancing to make sure people can make a living and not letting the virus get out of control.

“As Governor, I have to try to keep this virus down. At the same time, we’re getting the vaccines out as quickly as we can,” DeWine said.

The statewide curfew has been in place since November.

It does not affect anyone who has to travel back-and-forth for employment and who is “in need of medical care.”  Those who are shopping for groceries and pharmaceutical items are also except from the curfew, but not those who are eating out, unless it’s through carryout and drive-thru.

You can watch Gov. DeWine announce the new curfew extension below:

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