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Racism isn’t something that children are born with it is in fact an ugliness that is taught, unfortunately that teaching typically comes from home. However it is now being reported that a teacher in a Florida school is teaching students that slaves weren’t abused and that the ‘N’ word is not a racial slur.

Children probably shouldn’t have cell-phones in class but in the case of this Florida classroom it is a good thing they did.  A student allegedly record their teacher giving a lesson on slavery when the teacher told an Island Coast High School Advanced Placement government class students that slave masters did not abuse enslaved people, they, meaning slave masters, would never have whipped slaves, then also claimed the N-word was a term meaning stupid or ignorant, not a racial slur.  When a student that was recording the teacher started laughing then proceeded to question the teacher about the lesson, the teacher threatened to kick the student out of class claiming she wanted,

“to have an honest conversation about it…That’s what I want. That’s what we’re here in AP for.”

The student made it through class as well as uploaded the teaching lesson to TikTok where the video has since went viral.

After catching wind of the viral videos on social media Island Coast High say’s they have launched an investigation.

Take a look at the videos below.

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