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Daily Life in New York City Around The One-year Anniversary of The COVID-19 Shut Down

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As the white woman who has now become known as “Bagel Karen” keeps getting attention for her racist and bigoted views, her Black baby daddy has finally spoken out with his thoughts on everything.

To recap, Stephanie Denaro was captured on video calling “a Black employee at a New York bakery the N-word” as she refuses to wear a mask or any type of facial covering.  Her claims is due to having “medical conditions” that she says prevents her from wearing them.

After being told by a security guard she would not be served without wearing a mask, that is when she called that particular employee “a b***h-ass n****r, is that why?” before doubling down right then and there by adding “oooh that’s what he is.”

She continued to excalate things when she said “that’s what he is. I just said it. You heard it. … It doesn’t affect me that you’re not going to serve me cause you’re a b–h.”

Denaro said all of those things right in front of customers and her four children.

Now, the father of her children spoke with TMZ on how he believes she is doing them more harm than good.

From EURweb:

Durven Dawes, who reportedly lost a custody battle with Denaro, 38, believes his kids are suffering emotional harm because of her alarming behavior. Denaro has used the kids in several disturbing social media posts, including one that she captioned, “Happy Columbus Day from people who wouldnt exist if not for the Trans Atlantic slave trade.”

As for “Bagel Karen herself, she is now denying in a recent interview having called the cashier at Davidovich Bakery at the Essex Market on New York City’s Lower East Side a “b—h-ass n—-r,” even though she fully said that to him in the now-viral video.

“I didn’t call him the N-word,” says Denaro before adding that she “called him a term to describe his behavior.”

She continued by saying “there are different ways to spell things. I called him a specific word.”

Denaro also doubled down on her anti-mask views when saying that she believes “that people’s rights are being violated being forced to wear masks,” and even played the God card when speaking on how she’s “a Christian and I don’t cover my face.”

You can tell right then and there she is not sorry for anything and does not care what anyone thinks.

The employee at the center of the bakery incident, Victor Kamara, 30, gave his two cents with his view on Denaro and her behavior.

Kamara believes that her claims on not using the N-word is “an insult to everybody,” while elaborating on how he “really don’t know where that response comes from.”

He even notices how big the video has gotten as he “think that over a million people have seen the video and as it states in the video, she actually said those words …”

Kamara did mention that he has received a lot of support from others.  He’s also now received “a scholarship offer from Mercy College.”  He will likely accept as he is pursuing a business management degree.

That is worth mentioning as Kamara seeks to achieve something better than what’s he’s just experienced.


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