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BILL COSBY Breaks Silence After Conviction Thrown Out …‘I HAVE ALWAYS MAINTAINED MY INNOCENCE’

Cosby just released a statement, saying, “I have never changed my stance nor my story. I have always maintained my innocence. Thank you to all my fans, supporters and friends who stood by me through this ordeal. Special thanks to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for upholding the rule of law.”  Read More

Bill Cosby to be released after sexual assault conviction overturned by Pennsylvania Supreme Court 

A previous prosecutor had decided not to charge the legendary comic, and he relied on that move to speak freely and give incriminating statements.  Read More


The accuser in Bill Cosby‘s criminal trial says his overturned conviction could discourage sexual assault victims from seeking justice in court in the future.  Read More


Keyon’s mother, Katty Rodriguez, reacted to the news moments after the indictment. She was flanked by Rev. Al Sharptonand family attorney Ben Crump, who said thank goodness Keyon’s father was there at the time of the incident … because god knows what would have happened.  Read More


A super team of celebs showed up for LeBron James‘ big night — with the NBA superstar hosting a bash to celebrate “Space Jam: A New Legacy.”  Read More


The woman who allegedly caused a massive pileup during the first stage of the Tour de France has reportedly been found and arrested … ending a 3-day search for the spectator.  Read More

Judge Slams Lamar Odom In Recent Court Hearing—“If He’s In Good Enough Shape For A Boxing Match, He Can Pay Child Support”

#Roommates, the latest update in Lamar Odom’s ongoing child support drama just took a turn that he may not be too happy about. During a recent court hearing, a Manhattan judge slammed Lamar Odom for still not paying child support—but instead choosing to participate in a celebrity box match.  Read More

Jamie Spears Fires Back At Britney Spears Following Recent Conservatorship Hearing—Says He Hasn’t Been Over Her Conservatorship In Years

#Roommates, fans are still in shock and showing support for Britney Spears following her recent conservatorship hearing where she detailed shocking allegations about her father Jamie Spears—and now he is firing back at her claims. After Britney Spears alleged the heartbreaking treatment she has received due to her father being her conservator, Jamie Spears now says that he hasn’t been over her conservatorship in years.  Read More

Jazmine Sullivan Shoots Her Shot To Do A Song With Megan Thee Stallion On Instagram

Fresh off her album of the year win for ‘Heaux Tales’ at the 2021 BET Awards, Jazmine Sullivan is looking to create more magic for the culture! Jazmine didn’t hold anything back and shot her shot at the Hot Girl, Megan Thee Stallion, aiming to create a classic record. Whether you call it shooting your shot or manifesting, nothing is wrong with a woman going after what she wants, and that was exactly what Jazmine did on Instagram when she slid into Megan’s comment section.  Read More

Production For ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ Officially Begins In Atlanta 

It has been three years since the release of the box office smash hit “Black Panther,” and now production for the film’s sequel “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” has officially begun in Atlanta.  Read More

Jack Harlow Seemingly Shot His Shot At Saweetie During A Red Carpet Interview With Us At The BET Awards—He Later Said “That’s A Friend Vibe”

Roommates, social media is still talking about the BET Awards—and one red carpet moment between Saweetie and Jack Harlow, during a red carpet interview with The Shade Room, is still a top trending topic. As Saweetie walked up and granted us a red carpet interview, she was interrupted by Jack Harlow, who quickly took her hand and seemingly put in a bid to shoot his shot…or that’s how it looked.  Read More

Death Toll Increases To 16 People Following The Miami Building Collapse (Update)

Roommates, we are still keeping those affected by the building collapse that took place in Miami last week, lifted in prayer. More updates behind the tragedy continue to come in as they search for victims. As of Wednesday, the death toll has increased to 16 people as rescue units continue to search for more of those who are reported missing.  Read More


America’s First Black Billionaire, Robert Johnson, Pushes for $14 Trillion in Reparations

Robert L. Johnson, the founder of BET is pushing a $14 trillion reparations proposal that he believes would potentially close the giant wealth gap between Black and white people.  Read More

Megan Thee Stallion Launches New Video Series “Investing For Hotties,” Giving Away $1 Million in Stock

Megan Thee Stallion has announced a partnership with Cash App to launch a video series “Investing For Hotties” and give away $1 million worth of stock to her name fans.  Read More

Tamar Braxton Open Ups About Life After Surviving a Suicide Attempt: “Dedicated to Being the Best Mom I Can Be”

Tamar Braxton is opening up on life after surviving a suicide attempt, revealing that she focuses on her son and her health.  Read More

South Carolina Man Charged After His Dogs Maul Kindergartener To Death

A South Carolina dog owner has been charged after his animals mauled a 7-year-old boy to death.   Read More

The Trump Organization Is Expected To Be Charged With Tax Crimes This Thursday

The Trump Organization is expected to be charged with tax-related crimes on Thursday, NBC News reports.  Read More

Father Sentenced to 20 Years After Killing His Son Over a Slice of Father’s Day Cake

In 2019, the parents of a 5-year-old Milwaukee boy told authorities that he fell down a flight of steps, which resulted in his death.  Read More

Drake’s Lyrics Are Inspired By Real In-Studio Conversations With Girls, According To Sean Kingston

If you’ve ever wondered why Drake’s lyrics make for the perfect Instagram captions, wonder no more. In a recent sitdown with HipHopDX, Sean Kingston gave some insight into the Canadian rapper’s recording process.  Read More

Phylicia Rashad Backtracks on Bill Cosby Praise: I Support Survivors 

After Phylicia Rashad ignited a social media firestorm with a tweet celebrating Bill Cosby’s release from prison, the former Cosby Show star and incoming university dean is attempting to defuse the situation.  Read More

Don Cheadle Reveals He and Longtime Girlfriend Bridgid Coulter Got Married amid COVID Pandemic 

Actor Don Cheadle started 2021 as a married man.  Read More

Blair Underwood’s Wife, Desiree DaCosta, Files For Divorce After 27 Years Of Marriage

Actor Blair Underwood’s 27-year marriage is over, his wife Desiree DaCosta has filed for divorce.  Read More


Lamar Odom Lashes Out At Ex Liza Morales: I’m Not Responsible For A Grown A** Woman

Update #2: Lamar Odom has taken to social media, reacting to reports of him allegedly skipping out on his child support payments to the mother of his children, Liza Morales. Read More

Damon Dash Erupted In An Explosive Rant During A Meeting W/ Roc-A-Fella Amid Legal Battle, According To Jay-Z’s Lawyer

Damon Dash‘s feud with Roc-A-Fella over Jay-Z‘s Reasonable Doubt album is escalating!

As previously reported, Damon Dash was sued by Roc-A-Fella Records for attempting to sell the digital rights to Reasonable Doubt, as well as his 1/3 share in the company. In response to the lawsuit, Damon Dash blasted Jay-Z, saying:  Read More

Madonna Faces Backlash For Saying ‘Did It First’ In Response To Lil Nas X’s TV Kiss, Rapper Responds: We’re Friends, It’s Just A Joke

Madonna is facing backlash for her reaction to Lil Nas X’s BET Awards kids.  Young rapper Lil Nas X, 22, definitely knows how to give a performance that will get the people talking. Lil Nas X, born Montero Hill, recently hit the stage during the BET Awards dressed as an Egyptian God as he performed his hit song ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name).’ He ended his performance by passionately kissing one of his male background dancers.  Read More

Laurence Fishburne Says He Has No Idea Why He Wasn’t Asked To Return As Morpheus For ‘Matrix 4’: You’d Have To Ask The Director

Laurence Fishburne will not be starring in the upcoming Matrix 4 movie, and he has no idea why!  Read More

Ice Cube Explains Why He Turned Down 2Pac’s Role in ‘Poetic Justice’ and O-Dog in ‘Menace II Society’

Ice Cube has experienced plenty of success in the world of film, and in a new interview, he revealed that he turned down a role that eventually went to 2Pac.  Read More


Bill Cosby‘s surprising release from prison means he’s free to live his life again, and — according to one expert in the booking industry — free to cash in on showing his face in public again.  Read More


Britney Spears‘s lawyer asked the judge in her conservatorship case to boot her father Jamie Spears as the conservator of her estate, but a judge just shot that down and says Jamie stays — at least for now.  Read More

Trump Organization and CFO indicted in Manhattan tax probe

Former President Donald Trump’s company and its CFO, Allen Weisselberg, were expected to make their first court appearance Thursday.  Read More

Judge orders recycling company to pay $30 million restitution for dangerous dumpsite in East Cleveland

Four years after the fact, local families are still waiting to receive money from another settlement with Arco Recycling.  Read More

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