April 22nd is Earth Day and we’ve put together a list of 5 chic and essential items every woman needs in her life that can also produce less waste and save the planet.

1. Sigg stainless steel water bottles

These stainless steel water bottles are not only good for the environment but they are also good for you. Sigg (24.99) by far makes the most stylish and chic stainless steel bottle with fun designs on them that your husband, kids and most importantly you will love.

Think about every time you buy a plastic water bottle and let’s face it, most of the time we don’t recycle our paper and plastics. Bottled water is a very wasteful product. Some of you might think that reusing plastic water bottles is better than throwing them out but that’s where you start harming yourself. All the phthalates and other chemicals in the plastic bottles does leech into the water you and your family drinking. There have been no long-term studies on the effects of phthalates and chemicals found in plastics on us as humans but I think it’s safe to assume it just isn’t good.

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