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Source: Prince Williams / Radio One Digital

Last week Lil Baby seemingly got finessed by his jeweler. The merchant has admitted to selling him a fake watch and gifted him some free ice for the error.


As spotted on Complex the Atlanta trapper turned rapper got the shock of his “Drip Too Hard” career last week. He was alerted that the limited-edition Patek Philippe Nautilus 40th Anniversary timepiece he purchased from Rafaello & Co. was a fake. When news spread the Fake Watch Buster Instagram account did a side by side comparison that detailed all the inconsistencies.

Baby then quickly took to social media to call the jewelers out. “Now @rafaelloandco y’all Kno better then to sell ME of all people a FAKE Or anything that could be called a FAKE,” he wrote. “I stand on my name the same way y’all should! Ain’t no such thing as a mistake when that money involved 🤷🏽‍♂️!! Don’t Fu**in Play Wit me Cause when I’m on that I’m on that😈.”

Obviously being called out by one of the most popular names in music is bad for music so Rafaello & Co. made a very public apology. And to hear them tell the story it seems they were also duped. “I personally want to apology to Lil Baby for not doing my due diligence when selling him the Patek watch,” the now taken down post read. “I should’ve inspected the watch after purchasing it from the dealer. I take full responsibility for not doing my job properly. I personally would NEVER knowingly sell him or anyone else anything that is not 100% authentic.”

His friend and collaborator Lil Durk gave his two cents and advised his Rap peers to do their homework before dropping the big bag on any pieces. “Stop buying all this jewelry without knowing what you doing,” Durk wrote. “Alot of the sh*t fake and some is over priced get 1 jeweler and stick to em I’m telling you y’all ass gone be pissed when the truth come out.”

Photo: Prince Williams

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