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Apparently, one of the City of Cleveland’s most iconic institutions has decided to act and treat others like it’s junior or senior high school.

The West Side Market in the Ohio City neighborhood has been faced with a number of complaints, mainly from the vendors still remaining at the location.

All of the issues and complaints has resulted in a growing feud between those running the Market and its vendors.

One vendor in particular, Kate’s Fish, has raised a lot of issues to the Market and is now facing consequences that is more reserved for celebrities and politicians.

From WEWS News 5 Cleveland:

In the latest from the ongoing feud between the seafood vendor and WSM, the market’s Twitter account blocked Kate’s Fish, preventing the vendor from interacting with or seeing the market’s social feed.

On Saturday, WSM posted an image of the market with the text “It’s a beautiful day in Cleveland . Come shop the Market today until 5pm and stay and play in our neighborhood!” to which Kate’s Fish responded:

Kate’s Fish also tweeted out on the following day the image of the West Side Market blocking the seafood vendor on Twitter:

This has taken vindictiveness to a whole new level.

Despite the growing bad blood, those running Kate’s Fish is hopeful that whoever succeeds Frank G. Jackson as Cleveland mayor will improve on how the Market is run and operated, including its treatment of vendors.

What is your take on the beef between the West Side Market and its vendors?


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Article Courtesy of WEWS News 5 Cleveland

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