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Chris Brown Reacts To Getting Cleared Of Battery Charges: Ready To Cancel A N***a But When You Find Out It’s Cap I Don’t Hear Nothing!

Chris Brown has responded to reports that the battery case against him was dropped – and he wants fans to help spread the word.  Read More


One of the most wanted fugitives in the world might have been sitting right behind home plate at a Dodgers game in 2016 … and, yet, authorities say they’re still having trouble nabbing him.  Read More

DAVE CHAPPELLEControversial LGBTQ Comments In Netflix Special… IT’S NO SKIN OFF MY NOSE!!!

Dave Chappelle couldn’t care less what anyone thinks about his controversial LGBTQ comments in his Netflix stand-up special … Dude’s all smiles.  Read More


Tamar Braxton‘s got her sights set on returning to television after an admitted toxic relationship with the reality TV biz, but she says when she does … she’s choosing a different way to tell her story.  Read More

Doja Cat Takes To Social Media To Express That She Is “Tired” And “Not Happy” With Her Current Workload

Roommates, we all know what it feels like to be burned out and overworked due to our busy and demanding schedules—and Doja Cat apparently can definitely relate. In a series of tweets that have since been deleted, Doja Cat expressed her unhappiness at her current workload that is leaving her “tired” and fed up.  Read More

Kanye West Opening Donda Academy And Has Already Recruited Some Of The Top High School Basketball Players In The Country

 Kanye West has now set his sights on conquering the world of education and he has already lined up some of the country’s top athletes. It was recently announced that Kanye West is opening Donda Academy in California for K-12 students and recruited a collection of the top high school basketball players in the nation.  Read More

18 Former NBA Players Arrested For Allegedly Defrauding The NBA’s Health & Welfare Benefit Plan

It looks like more than a dozen former NBA players have found themselves in some trouble after they were accused of swindling the NBA’s Health and Welfare Benefit Plan.  Read More

The FDA Issues Warning Against Hand Sanitizers That Contain Cancer-Causing Ingredients

Earlier this week, a new warning about hand sanitizers containing cancer-causing ingredients was issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  Read More

Raising Cane’s Corporate Staff to Work as Cooks & Cashiers amid Staff Shortage

Earlier this week, Raising Cane’s corporate staff took on other roles, including fry cooks and cashiers.   Read More

Derek Chauvin Denied Request For Public Defender In His Appeal For Murder Conviction In George Floyd Case

The Minnesota Supreme Court has officially denied Derek Chauvin’s request for a public defender in his appeal for his April conviction for murdering George Floyd.  Read More

NC Teacher Told Black Students That They Would Be “Field Slaves” If Not For Constitution; Teacher Resigned

North Carolina teacher has stepped down after telling Black students in her class that they would have been her “field slaves” if it wasn’t for the Constitution. But a parent said this isn’t the first racist incident at Winterville Charter   Academy; evidently, there have been several.  Read More

Photographer Denied Food At Wedding; Deleted Pictures And Left

Listen to this. A photographer hired to capture pictures at a wedding was denied a break “to get something to eat and drink,” so she decided not only to ditch the gig but delete the photos too.  Read More

New Study Suggests People Who Use Marijuana Could Be More Susceptible To COVID-19 Breakthrough Infections

A new study suggests using marijuana could increase a person’s chances of catching COVID-19 regardless of their vaccination status.  Read More

Trump Aides Who Tried to Help Him Cover Up Jan. 6 Could Go to Prison

Four of Donald Trump’s former aides who were subpoenaed by a committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot could face serious consequences for their role in the cover-up attempted by the former president.  Read More

The Education Department Announces Sweeping Changes to Public Servant Loan Forgiveness Program

The Education Department announced Wednesday that significant changes are coming to the Public Servant Loan Forgiveness program. The government estimated that 22,000 borrowers would immediately be debt-free, while another 27,000 might be eligible.   Read More

Maryland Man Charged in 3 Murders, Killed Pharmacist Brother for Administering Covid-19 Vaccines

Maryland man has been charged with the murders of his brother, sister-in-law, and another woman.  Police believe the accused killer, Jeffery Burnham, targeted the individuals because his brother, a pharmacist, was administering COVID-19 vaccines.  Read More

Man Punched by Woody Harrelson After He Refused to Stop Taking Photos and Lunged at Him

Woody Harrelson allegedly punched an unidentified man following an altercation Wednesday night on the rooftop of the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C.  The incident started when Harrelson confronted a man, who appeared to be intoxicated, because he was taking pictures of him with his daughter. Read More

Michael Jackson’s Son Prince Weighs in on Drake’s Commercial Success Being Compared to MJ’s

When Michael’s son, Prince Jackson, was asked if he thought Drake might be as big as his dad was in his prime, Prince responded honestly, saying that he didn’t think MJ’s run could ever be replicated.  Read More

Woman Tells Black Boy She’d “Kneel on His Neck” for Accidentally Breaking Her Son’s Toy

Kristina Graper is being accused of a New Hampshire Civil Rights Act violation for allegedly threatening a 9-year-old Black child in her neighborhood.  Read More

Common Opens Recording Studio for Inmates at Illinois Prison [Photos]

Common is one of Hip Hop’s most outspoken rappers in the game today, and when it comes to issues like the prison system and how it affects Black lives, the Chicago rapper isn’t one to sit back and watch things unfold.Read More

Queen Latifah Reveals ‘Living Single’ Cast Was Told To Lose Weight: That Did Bother Me

Nobody can tell a queen what to do, especially with her body!  Read More

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