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Lil Kim Claps Back At 50 Cent After He Shares A Video Of Her Being Compared To A Leprechaun

By now, we all know 50 Cent does not hold back when it comes to his thoughts, and he will definitely share his thoughts with his followers on social media.  Read More


Killer Mike Defends Meek Mill’s ‘Expensive Pain’ Bus Ad amid Criticism over Sexual Imagery

The Grammy-winning rapper took to Twitter on Wednesday to address the controversy surrounding Mill’s newly released album, Expensive Pain. The bulk of the backlash is aimed at the project’s head-turning cover art, which features an illustration of Mill surrounded by three naked Black women in provocative poses. One is seen holding on to a stripper pole, while another is bent over while grabbing her ankles.  Read More



CARL NASSIBTAKES PERSONAL DAY… After Jon Gruden’s Anti-Gay Emails Revealed

 Carl Nassib — the only openly gay player in the NFL — was granted a day off by the Raiders on Wednesday … after his former head coach, Jon Gruden, was ousted for spewing homophobic comments in emails.  Read More


Ray J is no longer battling pneumonia from a Miami hospital bed … he’s been discharged and is continuing to recover at home.    Read More


Ex-Portland Trail Blazers president and current Jordan Brand chairman Larry Miller is sharing his darkest secret with the world … admitting he killed a man when he was 16 years old, and hid it from his closest friends — including Michael Jordan — until recently.  Read More


Life has officially imitated art as William Shatner made history by becoming the oldest person ever to go to space.  Read More

Chloe Bailey Seemingly Responds To Backlash Following Her Performance On ‘The Tonight Show’

Lawd, have mercy! You can always count on people online to talk about something, whether it’s good or bad. You never know which celebrity will have their day in the court of public opinion for something they did or said. Recently it has been Meek Mill, but as of last night, Chloe Bailey is another name to add to the list.  Read More

Stephen A. Smith Slams Kyrie Irving Following News That He Won’t Be Allowed To Play Basketball Due To Vaccination Status

During the latest episode of “First Take,” Stephen A. Smith didn’t hold anything back when addressing the recent news that Kyrie Irving won’t be allowed to “play or practice” with his team, the Brooklyn Nets, because he is not vaccinated.  Read More

Transgender Employees At Netflix Reportedly Plan To Walkout On October 20th In Protest Of Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Special

According to new reports, transgender employees at Netflix are planning to walkout next week in protest of Netflix supporting Dave Chappelle and refusing to pull the special from its streaming service.  Read More

Social Security Benefits Set For Largest Increase In Almost 40 Years & Millions Of Retirees Will Benefit In 2022

The Social Security Administration surprised many with the recent announcement that major updates have been made to social security payments. Millions of retirees are set to receive the largest increase in social security payments in almost 40 years—and the payouts are set to begin next year.  Read More

Father Charged In The Death Of Mother Fatally Shot By Toddler Son While On Zoom Call

In August, a mother was fatally shot by her toddler son, while on a Zoom call. Consequently, the father has now been arrested.   Read More

Facebook Set To Ban All Content That Sexually Harasses Celebrities As Part Of Its New Harassment & Bullying Policies

According to reports, Facebook will now ban all content that sexually harasses celebrities, which is part of its latest policies to target harassment and bullying.  Read More

Client Kills Realtor Then Himself Because He Disliked His New Home

A beloved Virginia realtor died after one of his clients shot him because he was unhappy with his new home.  Read More

Coach Will No Longer Destroy Bags After Being Exposed By TikToker

Coach has announced that they will no longer destroy damaged bags after a TikToker slammed the company’s practice in a now-viral video.  Read More

Tyga’s Ex-Girlfriend Opens Up About Going Public With Her Abuse Claims

Tyga’s ex-girlfriend Camaryn Swanson decided to go public with her abuse claims after claiming TMZ “released a false narrative.”  Read More

Suspect Shot And Killed With Own Gun During Robbery

Georgia police say a suspect was shot and killed with her own gun while trying to rob two men early Sunday.   Read More

New Report Finds Black Americans Are Incarcerated at Nearly Five Times the Rate of Whites

A new report on state prisons claims that Black people are incarcerated at nearly five times the rate of Whites in the U.S.  Read More

California Mom Arrested for Having Secret Teen Parties Where She Provided Liquor and Condoms, Plus Watched Them Have Sex

California mother has been arrested after it was discovered that she held secret parties where she supplied liquor and condoms to teens and even watched them perform sex acts.  Read More

‘Red Table Talk’ Shines Light on Missing Persons of Color: ‘Their Loved Ones are Worthy of Attention’

While the rest of the country is still stuck on Gabby Petito, Jada Pinkett Smith & fam are using their Red Table to highlight missing persons of color from all across the country.  Read More

Sharon Osbourne Says CBS Made Sheryl Underwood Take Anger Management Class

Sharon Osbourne is going around telling Sheryl Underwood’s personal business now that she’s been let go from ‘The Talk.’ According to Sharon, CBS made Sheryl take anger management classes.  Read More

Hitman Holla Asks For Prayers After Girlfriend’s Shot In The Face While On FaceTime With Him [Photos]

Hitman Holla’s girlfriend appears to be recovering well after being shot in a home invasion.  Read More

Adele Officially Announces Release Date for New Album ’30′ [Photo]

Adele has finally revealed that her upcoming album, titled 30, will release on Nov. 19.  Read More

Bun B Shares Jay-Z’s Response When Pimp C Refused to Take Off Mink Coat For “Big Pimpin’” Video

By this point, the story of how Jay-Z and UGK’s “Big Pimpin’” came together is the stuff of rap legend, and it turns out Hov knew that at the time, according to Bun B.  Read More

Kyrie Irving Shares His COVID-19 Vaccine Stance, Says He Doesn’t Plan on Retiring

Kyrie Irving took to Instagram Live on Wednesday night to talk about the controversy surrounding his refusal to get the COVID-19 vaccine.  Read More

Man Accused of Defrauding Inmates by Pretending to Be Lawyer While Awaiting Trial on Fraud Charges

Michael C. Moller couldn’t kick his scamming habits—even when he was put behind bars.  Read More

Ohio to release school report cards today: What you can expect

You’ll notice some changes to the report cards again this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Read More

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