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Apparently, there are those who are willing to debate over anything online nowadays.

Case in point, there is new debate on who is the better singer: Whitney Houston or Taylor Swift.

That has actually happened recently involving those willing to compare the two and it actually got heated!

From EURweb:

Here’s more from The New York Post:

Curses and epithets are being tossed around on Twitter between the ferocious fan camps of the 31-year old “Cardigan” crooner and the late “I Will Always Love You” chanteuse. And the digitally dueling sides both insist that their preferred musical powerhouse is more talented than the other.

“Whitney Houston is better than Taylor Swift by a long shot. This shouldn’t even be a question,” a die-hard devotee of the six-time Grammy winning singer said. “…Taylor’s talent is in her song writing abilities,” a Swift stan stated in part. “From the music to the lyrics, she is a complete artist.”

The debate sparked after Barstool Sports staffers Brandon WalkerEric “Barstool Nate” Nathan and Kelly Keegs discussed the divas in a viral video. Check out the clip below.

Gee, what’s next?  Comparing Doja Cat with the female singer from Lady A (formerly Lady Antebellum)?  (Please don’t start that debate!)

First off, why is there even a debate involving both Swift and Houston?  Aren’t there those who love both ladies?

Apparently, this seems from how both artists have performed on the Billboard charts in the past.

That or there was not many topics to consider before the big debate.

As for the Swift vs. Houston discussion, “Walker argued that Houston “belongs on the Mt. Rushmore of female singers,” while “Nathan and Keegs praised Swift for her vocals and award-winning songwriting skills.”

Keegs even labeled Swift “a ‘goddess’ and ‘our lord and savior.’”

Well, the debate got so big that it even made it to a Twitter poll.

Houston is leading over Swift with 86.3% over 13.7% as of this writing.  Not even close!

Not all fans of both artists were feeling the debate as a good number of online users weren’t having it as the responses were clear that it should not even be a discussion at all.

Houston passed away in 2012 “due to drug-related complications.”

This comes as Swift released a new version of her ‘Red’ album where she rerecorded the album with different takes on her singles and tracks.

The discussion on whether the guy in the song “All Too Well” should return that red scarf even has Dionne Warwick weighing in.

“Jake” is referred to Jake Gyllenhaal, who is rumored to be the subject in “Well.”  No word if actually still has the scarf, or even took it in the first place.

By the way, Warwick was Houston’s cousin.  She has not weighed in, but why should she.

At the end of the day, there is no comparison.  Both Swift and Houston are great in their own way.  End of discussion!

What do you think of this Taylor-Whitney debate?


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Article Courtesy of EURweb

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