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It’s been a few weeks since Kanye West unexpectedly extended an olive branch to Drake with J. Prince standing silently beside him and while many felt that was more of a hostage video than a heartfelt speech, J. Prince says he simply reminded Kanye that the movement to free Larry Hoover was bigger than his drama with Drizzy.


In an interview with Big Boy the legend explained that it was out of respect for his “brother,” Larry Hoover, but did admit that getting Drake and Kanye to squash the beef “wasn’t an easy task.” Having met with Kanye while he was in Houston, Texas, Prince says that Drake “had no idea” that he’d be meeting with Yeezy as he played the meeting close to his chest. “That’s something that I moved and got done and eventually we all was able to come together and sit down like men and work things out.”

Ultimately he credits Larry Hoover for beginning the process of the two gentlemen reconciling and getting over the pettiness they’ve been involved in over the past few years.

“We have to start with the name Larry Hoover. He planted the seed. He wanted to see Kanye and Drake come together in the name of peace. His son Larry Jr. was hanging out with Kanye a lot, and of course, Drake is my son, but [Hoover] planted the seed, and I watered it.”

That’s a nice way of saying J. Prince saying he told them to stop the bulls*t and get on the same page. Who’s gonna tell J Prince “No” to a request like that?

Now that Drake and Kanye have squashed their differences, the two will be holding a benefit concert for Larry Hoover and J Prince says it has the “biggest stage” he’s ever seen in his decades of working in the rap game. Should be interesting to see what they have planned for the big blowout when the concert goes down.

Check out the interview in it’s entirety below and let us know your thoughts on the matter and how it played out in the comments section.

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