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Federal Express delivery truck

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The man that has been labeled as the FedEx Grinch is now speaking about why he dumped hundreds of packages off a ravine and much like the Grinch the FedEx driver was suffering from grief.

You do know the Grinch wasn’t all that bad, right?

Every online shoppers nightmare happened when day before Thanksgiving authorities found near the small town of Hayden, Alabama, what appeared to be hundreds of FedEx boxes of assorted sizes that been thrown off a ravine, 30 miles north of Birmingham.

After an investigation as to the how and when the packages with a $40K worth ended up in the ravine that was caught on surveillance video, authorities got their admission from 22 year old contract employee for FedEx, Deandre Charleston of Adamsville, Alabama, that he dumped the packages five different times between November 17th and November 24th off River Oak Trail in Hayden while he was working.

One would think that the reason Deandre Charleston did it was to end his shift early, especially during the busy holiday shipping season but no according to authorities that say’s Deandre Charleston has been respectful and cooperative, Mr. Charleston was distraught over a death in his family along with other issues.

“It appeared that he was very sorrowful for what he’d done and just admitted he was having some hard times in his life and just made poor choices,…”I know there’s a lot of people out there that want to just throw this guy away, throw away the key and never give him any hope of a life ever. That’s not my intentions and that’s not my hope,” Moon said. “I hope this is a life lesson that can change him and give him a better work ethic, a better understanding of people’s needs where he can move on from here and become a thriving citizen in our city, in our state.” –Sherriff Mark Moon 

Deandre Rayshaun Charleston is now facing five cargo theft charges, which is also a Class D felony.

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