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We have all been delivered from something, but we are never too far from what we have been delivered from.  Kelly Price has the voice of an angel but fans of Kelly Price also know she is not the one you want to come for.  Unfortunately the mother of R. Kelly’s one girlfriend left Joycelyn Savage, must have not been hip to Kelly Price because she tried it with Kelly Price and Kelly went LIVE to get Mrs. Savage all together.

As they say what had happened was…

During a recent interview on  Vlad TV, Kelly Price was interviewed by comedian Luenell, when she asked Kelly Price about her relationship with R.Kelly.  Kelly Price said it was strictly professional, and it was like a brother-sister relationship, Kelly said she was never exposed to his alleged misconduct but had heard the rumors of him being involved with underage girls.

“I think where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”… “In this business—and nobody really wants to talk about it—in this business, that’s not odd, that’s actually the culture,” … “It’s the culture. Now that I have seen. I’ve seen mothers bring their daughters backstage. And that’s the thing nobody wants to talk about.”

Jonjelyn Savage the mother of Joycelyn Savage wasn’t pleased with what Kelly Price said in the interview so she decided to DM the 48 year old Grammy Award Nominated singer, Kelly Price, and that’s when the ‘Friend Of Mine’ singer went LIVE to check mother Savage.

“Be really careful about telling me that I need to tread lightly if you’re not prepared to back up what you said. I said, and I can stand behind everything that I said. I was raped as a kid I was also molested. I would never stand behind someone who is doing the same thing.”

“I said what I had to say about R.Kelly. He’s in jail right now. I also said that I believe that’s where he belongs.”

Joycelyn Savage is the last of R. Kelly’s Mohicans that has been standing by his side even after being convicted following the airing of ‘Surviving R. Kelly’, Joycelyn’s family who has been very vocal and public about their daughter is still trying to connect with her.

Take a listen to Kelly Price going LIVE on Jonjelyn Savage below.

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