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Joe Rogan has caused something of a seismic shift in broadcasting culture after several artists bolted from Spotify out of fear of being affiliated with his views. NewsMax, certainly no friend to the “woke,” aired a segment featuring agreeable Blacks who don’t mind that Rogan went on a happy little n-word spree.

The conservative news network managed to find a hub of these new types of Blacks in and around Los Angeles, making a weird video collage of the folks basically saying that Rogan can use the insensitive slur at will. The report is supposedly an attempt by NewsMax to soften the racist and derogatory blows delivered by Rogan but it in fact does the complete opposite.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek seems to recognize that the troubles at his network have the potential to hurt his bottom line but he still found a way to slyly defend Rogan but has promised to lean in and listen to the concerns of staff. We’ve heard that before.

If you must, check out that goofy NewsMax segment below.

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