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‘We Need to Talk About Cosby’, unedited, because I think we missed ‘IT’.

Since ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ it seems like survivors of other have been coming out of the wood work.  It seems like everyday we are hearing about a celebrity that allegedly sexually crossed a line at some point of time, of all colors and creeds.  As African Americans we like to hold on to the hope that some of the accusations that we have been hearing about couldn’t possibly be true or that the accusers placed themselves in sexual abuses harms way, or this is a plot by the white man to bring down one of or own.   But sometimes we become so infatuated with the celebrity’s gift to entertain us whether it be through music, television or movies that we miss the signs that our beloved entertainer might have put right there in our face, but we were so busy singing, laughing or relaxing that it went right over our head.

Recently W. Kamau Bell, stand-up comic, director and television host who hosted the CNN’s series ‘United Shades of America‘ brought together all sides of the Bill Cosby controversy including the things that flew right over our head in primetime in a Showtime documentary series titled ‘We Need to Talk About Cosby’.

W. Kamau Bell while interviewing subjects in the Showtime documentary, ‘We Need to Talk About Cosby’ about comedian and actor, Bill Cosby, who has been accused of multiple rapes, Bell has them watch scenes of Cosby’s performances on a tablet.  These scenes that are being watched are from some Cosby’s standup shows, interviews as well as the legendary television show ‘The Cosby Show’ that had us all wishing we were like or related too the Huxtable’s.  But upon watching the clips the subjects are finding that what once made them laugh now makes them want to cry.

According W. Kamau Bell:

“Bill Cosby had been one of my heroes,”  “I’m a Black man, a stand-up comic, I was born in the ’70s. But this? This was complicated.”

Complicated is an understatement as W. Kamau Bell started the documentary while Bill Cosby was serving time in a Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution after being convicted however just when W. Kamau Bell was about to wrap-up the last part of the documentary Bill Cosby was released from prison after his sexual assault charges was overturned by Pennsylvania’s highest court.

W. Kamau Bell’s presentation of ‘We Need to Talk About Cosby’ forces viewers to look at the story of Bill Cosby from a multitude of lens, a documentary that is well worth the watch, because you just may have missed ‘it’.

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