Brooklyn Nets v Orlando Magic

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What did your parents used to tell you back in the day?  ‘If you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing at all’ a forgotten lesson that is going to cost Brooklyn Net’s star Kevin Durant $25,000.

For the life of me I can’t figure out why people pay good money for entertainment but then when they get to a particular venue decide they want to be the entertainment, but any who, the other night towards the end of the NBA matchup of The Brooklyn Nets vs The Dallas Mavericks when a fan decided to become a coach and to tell Kevin Durant what he needed to do when Kevin Durant responded  “You got to shut the f**k up and sit down.”

The fan sat down, the Brooklyn Nets lost the game and the NBA slapped Kevin Durant with a $25,000 fine after the cuss out was caught on video for Twitterville to see.

In other Kevin Durant news the NBA star also shared his Revelations taken from ‘jeen-yuhs’ and how important Kanye West was to his life.

“Watching that doc made me realize how important Kanye is to my life,”  “His struggle of trying to get on and become a rapper, because he was known for making beats, but nobody took him seriously as a rapper and for him to go from that to where he is now, where so many people jumped on and understood where he was trying to go.”

When heckled and an athlete responds should they be fined?

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