Young Boy getting his hair trimmed by his father in the garden

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It almost seems like the pandemic has caused some people to loose their minds.  Children are finally back in school where they are supposed to be safe and learning.

Minnesota teacher crossed the line of safe by being disrespectful when the teacher took it up themselves to give a minor student a hair cut without the student’s parents permission.

The names and identity of all involved where withheld because the student is a minor. 

According to a report the young child came home from school asking the parents would they be mad, when the parents replied, mad about what, the child removed his hat and the parents seen their child’s hair had been cut.  According to the child who had an afro when he went to school, he did like his ‘lining’, so the teacher grabbed the scissors to fix it and gave the child a botched fade.  The parents were not only upset about the haircut but more importantly that they were never, informed/asked/told, before, during or after haircut by anyone from the school.

The parents of the child shared photos and videos online.

With everything that goes on in Minnesota with people in authority, it just seems like it’s not somewhere you would want to visit nor live…#IJS

Take a look at the video below.

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