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The San Francisco Police Dept. officers did respond to the scene … and did detain two people they believed to be involved in the incident.  Read More



JAKE PAUL DEFENDS MIKE TYSON… Plane Passenger Deserved Ass Beating!

Jake Paul says Mike Tyson didn’t do a damn thing wrong when he pummeled a passenger aboard his flight … ’cause the Problem Child flat out says the guy deserved to get beat up!  Read More

MISSOURI STATE TROOPERS WE GOT A MAJOR 420 IN PROGRESS!!! 500 lbs. of Weed Spill Out on Highway

Missouri drivers are going green, and we ain’t talking Teslas — it’s whole lotta ganja scattered all over an interstate, making for a very slow and chill commute … on 4/20, no less!  Read More


Emmet McDermott‘s documentary — #1 on Netflix right now — exposes Abercrombie & Fitch’s racist view of beauty, which he says was illegally applied to the company’s hiring and firing practices.  Read More

TREY SONGZ DEMAND LETTER FROM NEW ACCUSER Video of Incident Shows Him Expose Her Breast

Trey Songz has a new accuser — a woman whose attorneys are demanding he pay for allegedly groping their client … and they say the video makes their case a slam dunk.  Read More

SASHA OBAMA DATING CLIFTON POWELL JR…. Former College Basketball Player

Sasha Obama‘s boyfriend is none other than Clifton Powell Jr. … a former college basketball player and the son of Clifton Sr., the actor.  Read More

Tennessee Passes Bill That Would Require Drunk Drivers To Pay Restitution Similar To Child Support If They Kill A Parent Of A Minor

If you break the law, be ready to pay for your actions! Tennessee has passed a law that would require drunk drivers to pay restitution that mimics child support. Read More

Benzino Threatens To Attack Shauna Brooks Over Relationship Rumors: “You Keep Lying On Me, I Am Gonna Hunt You Down And I’m Going To Jail”

Benzino took to Twitter and called Shauna in several tweets. Not only did the rapper share alleged they shared, but he also threatened to harm Shauna for not clearing the air about a rumored relationship between them.  Read More

Shauna Brooks Responds To Benzino Threatening Her Online (Update)

Shauna wrote on Twitter, “He said if I had any “sense,” but just last week didn’t the ppl say you and your alleged “male friend” CAVARIO, ain’t have enough CENTS to pay the Red Roof Inn? Yet, talkin’ bout you got a legal team to make sure you’re on point with bail, while you PUBLICLY THREATEN me… OK, DADDY.”  Read More

President Biden Announces Additional $800 Million In Aid For Ukraine

The United States is gearing up to send an additional $800 million in military aid to Ukraine, President Biden announced Thursday.  Read More

Customers Can Now Buy From Third-Party Online Stores On Amazon [Video]

Amazon has launched “Buy With Prime,” a new feature that allows users to shop with third-party online stores on the platform.  Read More

Donald Trump Walks Out Of Interview With Piers Morgan During Voter Fraud Discussion: ‘Turn The Camera Off’ [Video]

Donald Trump walked out of his interview with news personality Piers Morgan after being questioned about his false voter fraud claims.  Read More

Lexus To Release Its Very First Electric SUV

Lexus has released its very first electric SUVRead More

Apple To Pay Customer $1,075 Because It Didn’t Provide Charger With Smartphone

Apple will have to give one of its customers $1,075 because it didn’t provide them with a charger when they purchased their smartphone.  Read More

Travelers Barred for Mask Violations Will Have Privileges Restored to Fly Again with Delta

As of Wednesday, Delta plans to restore flight privileges to about 2,000 customers barred from boarding due to mask violations.  Read More

The FAA Makes Its “Zero-Tolerance Policy” Permanent For Unruly Passengers

Federal Aviation Administration officials have announced they will make their “zero-tolerance policy” permanent.  Read More

Lil Wayne Settles Lawsuit With Hollywood Bouncer Who Accused Him Of Racially Attacking Him In 2016

Lil Wayne has finally settled his lawsuit with a Hollywood bouncer who accused him of attacking him in 2016.  Read More

Florida TSA Employee Fakes Burglary Report To Avoid Tardiness Trouble At Work

Running late for work? A Florida TSA employee can show you how to stage a burglary to avoid getting in trouble with your boss, though it may land you in jail.  Read More

We Not One Of Them; Tony Awards Issues Slap Warning Following Oscars Fallout

The Tony Awards is warning all attendees to practice anti-slapping behavior, even in the event of spotting an opp at their ceremony.  Read More

DOJ Announces Arrests of 21 People in Alleged COVID-19 Fraud Schemes Totaling Nearly $150 Million

Nearly two dozen people have been arrested for a series of COVID-related schemes that led to more than $149 million in losses.  Read More

Marlon Wayans Addresses Oscars Slap, Says ‘You Can’t Hit Chris Over a Joke’ and He’s ‘Too Small’ Compared to Will

Marlon Wayans is opening up about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars, and why it touched a nerve for him.  Read More

Family Dollar Employee Facing Murder Charge for Shooting Attempted Shoplifter

An employee at a Family Dollar store in Houston is being charged with murder after shooting a man who was allegedly trying to shoplift, police stated.  Read More

Florida Bride and Caterer Charged After Allegedly Lacing Wedding Food With Marijuana

Florida bride and a caterer are now facing charges after wedding guests claim they were served weed-infused food without prior knowledge.  Read More

Trump Campaign Ordered to Pay Omarosa Manigault Newman $1.3 Million in Legal Fees Over Book Lawsuit

The presidential campaign of Donald Trump has been ordered by a court arbitrator to pay former Apprentice star Omarosa Manigault Newman 1.3 million in legal fees, Read More

Fla. Teen Charged in Deaths of 6 People After Allegedly Driving BMW 151 Miles Per Hour, Posting Videos

A Florida teen  is facing multiple counts of vehicular homicide after crashing into an SUV while driving car at a speed of over 150 mph, killing all six passengers.  Read More

Barack and Michelle Obama To End Podcast Deal With Spotify

Barack and Michelle Obama’s time with Spotify Technology SA is coming to an end.  Read More

Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates 96th Birthday with Regal Pony-Adorned Photo

Queen Elizabeth is celebrating her 96th birthday today.  Read More

Pete Davidson’s Inner Circle Allegedly Advising Him Not To Appear On ‘The Kardashians’

It looks like we may not be seeing Pete Davidson on an episode of ‘The Kardashians’ anytime soon!  Read More

Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert Address ‘Extremely Hurtful’ Cheating Rumors: ‘People Have To Start Understanding That This Is Not OK’ + Plan To Take Legal Action

Teyana Taylor and her husband Iman Shumpert are speaking out on the ‘extremely hurtful’ cheating rumors that recently surfaced!  Read More

A$AP Bari Claims A$AP Rocky’s Arrest Was Due To Him Being Snitched On By Another A$AP Mob Member

Looks like there’s some tension in the A$AP Mob familyRead More

Russell Wilson Says Adults Should ‘Coach Kids Harder’: We’re Just Letting Them Get Away With Stuff Nowadays

Russell Wilson is giving some pointers to parents coaching their children.  Read More

Adele Fires Las Vegas Residency Creative Team, Singer Hopes New Staff Will Help Save Postponed Las Vegas Residency

Superstar singer Adele has reportedly parted ways with her longtime creative team.  Read More


Katt Williams put a huge chunk of change down on an absolute beast of a vehicle … one that’s fittingly named after the end of days.  Read More


Antonio Brown is a real-deal rapper, according to Keyshia Cole — the NFL star is so good on the mic … he could win a Grammy!  Read More

No more plastic grocery bags: Giant Eagle changes shopping policy at Cuyahoga County stores

Guests are encouraged to shop with reusable bags. Paper bags will be available to purchase for 10 cents each.  Read More

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