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Let’s be real most the time when you talk to people in corporate America or politicians (outside of voting time), they talk to people like they not as intelligent as them, coming off like people are beneath them and how dare you challenge their intellect.  A seat on the congress floor (that someone voted them into) makes them better then you, or that person seated up high on the corporate pyramid (that they perhaps inherited in some kind of way) makes them more knowledgeable then the common worker.

Well higher ups you need to be mindful that just because you are where you are doesn’t mean you can’t be subjected to a good old fashion “getting checked” as South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham found out the embarrassing way, when Amazon Labor Union President Chris Smalls had to get him all the way together a during a congressional hearing this week.

Amazon Labor Union President Chris Smalls, made history for organizing the company’s first-ever labor union.  Yesterday Chris Smalls made history when he challenged the e-commerce giant’s labor practices, urging folks about what’s going on at Amazon when Senator Lindsey Graham questioned Chris Smalls’ motives and accused him of the “demonization of individual companies.”

That’s when Chris Small’s had to check him, cuss him out without saying a cuss word:

“I think it’s in your best interest to realize that it’s not a left or right thing. It’s not a Democrat or Republican thing,” …“It’s a workers’ issue, and we’re the ones that are suffering…you should listen, because we do represent your constituents as well.” “You forgot that the people are the ones who make these companies operate, and when we’re not protected, the process for when we hold these companies accountable is not working for us, then that’s the reason why we’re here today,”

Don’t let Chris Smalls smooth gear fool you…CHECKMATE.

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