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A story went from local news to national headlines involving the beating death of a teenager found at LeBron James ‘I Promise’ school in Akron.

June 2, 2022 around 10:30pm the body of a Firestone High School in Akron student, Ethan Liming, was found beaten to death by the basketball courts outside of ‘I Promise’ school.  17 year old, Ethan Liming, a white male, and his friends drove to the basketball court when a fight broke out with some others that were playing on the court when Liming arrived.  Ethan Liming was knocked unconscious, his friends left and called 911.

The question in everyone’s mind has been way?  Who would do something like this?  What about witnesses and why hasn’t anyone been arrested?  Was it race related?

Today Akron Police Chief Stephen Mylett today released some information about the murder of Ethan Liming while letting the community know that it was not race related.

“There is nothing to indicate race played a role in this homicide,”

According to Akron Police Chief Mylett, Ethan Liming and three other teens drove into the parking lot of the school and started discharging a SplatRBall gun at people on the basketball court. It is not clear if Liming fired the SplatRBall gun, nor was it a justification for him to be brutally murdered.

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