There was a time a few decades ago in the career of powerhouse pop star Beyoncé when she was just one of three young women in the rising R&B group Destiny’s Child, also including fellow stars Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

It was also during that era when baby Bey and the ladies experienced some of the wildest disrespect in their careers, including getting booed at Summer Jam 2001 and Game 4 of the 2001 NBA Finals to having an untrue rumor about Beyoncé’s diva attitude become something the world laughed at on national TV.

Sadly, the group also had to experience that hate from inside the doors of Hollywood as well. Rap icon Method Man, who’s now made a glowing switch into acting on Power Book II: Ghost, recently admitted that a time of low self-esteem in his own life led him to diss the ladies to their faces by refusing a simple handshake.



Meth recently sat down with fellow rapper Math Hoffa to discuss his two run-ins with Destiny’s Child back when he was suffering from his own self hate. After initially meeting them as DC4 at the 1999 MOBO Awards over in The UK, he detailed how things changed years later seeing them again as DC3 at the taping of MTV Icon: Janet Jackson in 2001. After spotting the girls in the star-filled event, the Tical emcee felt jilted when they didn’t respond to his greeting. “My ass, in my head with my low self-esteem, is like, ‘Oh, they just sh*tted on me,’” the rapper suggested, going on to state the reality of the situation by adding, “In fact, they didn’t even hear me — it was so loud in that motherf*cker.”

Take a look below to read Method Man’s full recollection, and apology, to the Destiny’s Child diss:

“Afterward, Rockwilder, he was gonna do the ‘Bootylicious’ song for them. He comes over, he’s talking to them, he’s like, ‘Oh, you know Red and Meth?’ And they put their hands out to shake, and I kept my hand here and was like, ‘Go ‘head with that Hollywood sh*t.’

To this day, that sh*t hurt my heart because neither Kelly, Beyoncé or Michelle ever did any f*cking thing to me. But me being so miserable and in that f*cking moment, I felt like they wasn’t treating me the way I should have been treated. Who am I to think that about these girls? They’re here to promote themselves and break records and things of that nature. And, and it was not about me; it was about Janet-f*cking-Jackson!

To this day, man, I don’t think I’ve ever apologized for that. I apologize to Beyoncé, I apologize to Kelly Rowland and Michelle — y’all did not deserve that at all.”


Watch the full interview below, and let us know what you think of Method Man’s apology to Destiny’s Child: never too late or two decades too old?


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