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One of the hottest songs of the 80’s was Chaka Khan’s ‘Through The Fire’, so it was a no brainer that when ‘College Drop Out’ Kanye West dropped ‘Through The Wire’ in 2004 sampling Chaka Khan’s ‘Through The Fire’ it was a perfect storm for a Grammy Nomination.

The funny thing about the success of ‘Through The Wire’ is that Chaka Khan wasn’t on fire with the track as a matter of fact Chaka Khan was upset about sounding like a chipmunk.

In a recent interview Chaka Khan had this to say about what Kanye West did to ‘Through The Fire’ to get ‘Through The Wire’:

“[Kanye] didn’t mention that he was gonna speed it up, you know, three times its normal speed,” …“Had he, I would’ve had something to say. But since I didn’t think of that, believe me, I think of it now. I ask, ‘How are we gonna do this?’”

Take a listen to Chaka Khan talk about being turned into one of The Chipmunks below.

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