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We have all been delivered from something, including gospel singing greats.

Never Would Have Made It: The Marvin Sapp Story premieres on Sunday, August 21 on TV One and as we approach that date we are learning the true testimony behind the greatness of the Grammy nominated artist, Marvin Sapp’s, smash hit “Never Would Have Made It”.

What makes a record truly great is the truth in the words which creates the passion in the delivery and for Marvin Sapp “Never Would Have Made It” was the words behind what he made it from and who.  According to Mavin Sapp he used marijuana to escape is parents divorce as a pre-teen, then for his sweet sixteen he graduated to popping pills and drinking, then at eighteen years old he started snorting coke.  Marvin Sapp also said that although his mother made them go to church, church wasn’t always in him.

But we all know that as long as God is introduced to us he is always with us and it is the difference between those who never would have made and the ones who didn’t.

Marvin Sapp said the purpose of telling his story now is:

“to show… that just because somebody goes to church does not make them perfect. We are all flawed in some shape, form or fashion. People need to see that because for some strange reason when they think of Marvin Sapp, people think I walk around with a halo but they don’t know my story.”

May the church say “AMEN”!!

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