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There is two sides to every story with video tape there is three. Bishop Whitehead of Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministry survived being robbed at gun point during one service recently but it was his laying an unsealing hand on a woman this past weekend caught on live stream, that has got him arrested.

The woman, 47 year old Tarsha Howard, on the opposite end of the choke-out/toss-out is seeking legal representation according to a recent interview.

Bishop Whitehead who was speaking in tongues during the incident is now speaking clearly without the need for interpretation, saying that he never choked her, he did grab her shoulder in order to escort her out to police … despite her posting a huge scratch mark on her neck.  Bishop Whitehead has released the security video saying that his actions came in fear for his family because he feared she might have a weapon in a small purse that was under her arm.   Bishop Whitehead is claiming that he was wrongfully arrested.

Take a listen to the video below.

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