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Marvel has already filmed scenes for one of their movies in Cleveland (Captain America: Winter Soldier), and it looks like they’re getting ready to do it again. So, if you’re an actor, now’s the time to update those headshots and prepare for a new opportunity!

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Marvel films have been among the most popular movies in America, especially in theaters, over the last twenty years. The movie Blade, a reboot that originally debuted in 1998 starring Welsey Snipes, will be partially filmed right here in Cleveland.

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According to, Marvel movies have, to date, grossed more than $7 billion globally. Each film averages more than $700 million in profits. So, it seems that an acting gig for any of their films could prove to be extremely lucrative.

Or you may just be standing around all day, not have any lines, and barely make enough cash off it to go to the grocery store. But we’re sure that will be fun, too.

Are you the next breakout star waiting for your first big role? Marvel may just have a perfect opportunity for you.


There’s an open casting call in Cleveland for the Marvel Studios movie, “Blade.”

Most of the filming will take place in Atlanta but at least one week will take place right here in Cleveland.

Fittings will start mid-October and filming will take place from Nov. 14 through Nov. 22.

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