Backpacks left on bleachers

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We send our children to school to learn with the assumption that they will be and/or kept safe. Schools provide security officers to make sure that the children as well as school staff are kept safe.  Unfortunately it is the combination of this assumption that has caused a video to go viral of a black Tennessee High School student being dragged by his hair down the gym bleachers by a school officer.

An 18 year old student had an argument with his physical education teacher because he wanted to play basketball opposed to kickball.  The 18 year old accused the gym teacher of being racist because he wouldn’t let him play basketball so the school security officer was summoned.  The security guard tells the 18 year old to stop yelling, the student walks away, the security guard places his hand on the 18 year old’s shoulder so the 18 year old told him to get his hands off of him.  The student walks to the bleachers, the security guard threatens to have him arrested.

Things then went way too far as the incident escalated to pepper spraying and dragging the teen by his hair.

The entire incident was caught on cell phone video as well as bodycam however according to Ben Crump the teen is facing charges.

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