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Lizzo may be a little controversial to some with her social media ‘presence’ but 34 year old Melissa Viviane Jefferson the singer, flutist, songwriter and rapper known professionally as Lizzo, is making historic moves.  Historic with a little controversy. 

Lizzo made history during her DC concert after the Library of Congress let her borrow a 200-year-old crystal flute once owned by President James Madison.  The flautist better known as Lizzo got the opportunity to play the priceless crystal flute in Washington, D.C., where the historic instrument is kept by the Library of Congress.

The National Library sent Capitol Police and staff as security to watch over the rare artifact.  Lizzo while performing gave the crowd the history of the rare instrument then let them know that she was the first person and only person to play President James Madison then said:

“It’s crystal. It’s like playing out of a wine glass, bitch, so be patient,”

Before she indulged in a note while twerking.

Take a look at the video below.

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