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From jeen-yuhs to ‘White Lives Matter’, Kanye West stirred up a hornets nest last and he continues to keep stirring without fear of getting stung.  Ye just dropped a new 30 minute documentary titled ‘Last Week’.

It looks like The Sunday Service is over, if Kanye West were to ever document something, why not, ‘Last Week’!?

‘Last Week’ is being described (not inaccurately) as a 30 minute low budget video/documentary/music video coupled with a new anthem to all the YE haters, ‘You Don’t Really Love Ye/ Go Listen to Drake, B—h’.

“You don’t have no idea what it take, b—h,”…“Trynna pass judgment on me like I ain’t s–t/ I’m too much of a real one for a fake b—h,”

It really appears that Kanye West is having a meltdown of epic proportions or maybe Ye is a jeen-yuhs.

Take a look at the video below and give us your thoughts.

Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star

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