Bronco great Shannon Sharpe is honored by being put in the ring of fame during half time of the Bronco's game vs the Cleveland Browns at Invesco Field at Mile High Sunday September 20, 2009. JOE AMON/THE DENVER POST

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Sometimes in life when we find our selves defending someone else, we can manage to turn that trash can lid over on ourselves, then the trash that was falling on someone else ends up dumping on us.  In the case of Shannon Sharpe, that’s exactly what happened when he decided to defend Deon Sanders move from a HBCU.

Deon Sanders made the decision to take an offer from Colorado to coach football.  Some felt that Coach Prime was turning his back on Jackson State opposed to taking an awesome opportunity for himself.  Shannon Sharpe decided to weigh-in, letting the world know if he could have, he wouldn’t have picked his HBCU.

Shannon Sharpe the host of ‘the Undisputed’ has never been known for biting decided to make a Tweet that people are dragging him for:

“I went to an HBCU. But only because I was Prop 48. It would out GR8 for me,” “Had I had the grades coming out of HS. I wouldn’t have chosen an HBCU.”

Shannon Sharpe then addressed being dragged for his Tweet on air:

“They got mad at me yesterday, I tweeted…I went to an HBCU, that wasn’t my first choice! It wasn’t.”“The only thing I knew about a Black college was the United Negro College Fund.”

NFL great Shannon Sharpe attended Savanah State University.

Take a look below and give us your thoughts on what Shannon Sharpe had to say about HBCU’s.

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