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The plot thickens.  ‘Good Morning America’ Anchor T.J. Holmes and co-host  Amy Robach, got caught boo’d up by paparazzi’s having dinner.  The two were/are married.  According to a later report they had been keeping their relationship out of the public until the ink dried on their alleged divorces.  Allegedly their relationship was not a secret at home or at work.  At first ‘GMA’ said they were grown and it was nothing for them to discipline them about.  Then within 24 hours that story changed and they both were off the air.  Now the plot has thickened because because a new report is saying Amy wasn’t the only one.

It’s now being reported that T.J. Holmes had at least one other workplace affair in addition to relationships with co-host Amy Robach and producer Natasha Singh.  Robach and Singh were reportedly close friends, according to a source.

A source has told PageSix:

“T.J.’s cheating with ABC staffers was definitely one of the reasons why they were yanked off,”  “It has become a distraction.” “He’s also a d—k to producers. No one likes working with him,”  “He yells and has the biggest ego.”

Well how momma used to say the way you get’em is they way you loose them, and if you got a work wife or husband that’s a good way to loose your job.

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