Popular Sex Myths about Men – Lets reveal them


  • by Aderline, on Thu Apr 29, 2010 5:30am PDT

There are several myths regarding male sexuality. Women hold onto these myths and develop wrong notion about their partner. Here is an attempt to clear those myths and help women understand their partner better. Knowing about male sexuality will also help to improve their relationship and bring more joy in their love life.

Men are always ready for sex

This is perhaps one of the most prevalent myths about male sexuality. The myth suggests that men are never too tired for sex. If fact, they keep thinking about sex all the time. Sex experts feel that is wrong to believe that men can have sex anytime. They are not robots. They too are stressed, tired and sometimes they may just not be in the mood to have sex. Besides, they too are driven by emotions that may in turn affect their libido. So if your man is not entertaining your moves or expresses a desire to just sleep, don’t assume that he isn’t interested in you anymore. He may simply not be in the mood for sex.

Men never fake it

Well, according to sex researchers, though women fake orgasms more often, men too fake it several times. In a survey, only 47% of men said they achieve orgasm during vaginal penetration and 3% said that they have never had an orgasm during sexual intercourse.

• Ejaculating always means orgasm

Though most of the time orgasm and ejaculation are the same, it may not always be the same. Sometimes, ejaculation and orgasm may not happen together, and vice versa. When men reach orgasm without ejaculating, it is called a dry orgasm.

• Men are generally not interested in foreplay

Most women believe that men usually have one goal when it comes to sex and that is reaching orgasm. But this may not be true for modern men who have risen above just orgasm and are attentive to the foreplay as well. At times, both men and women want to get straight down to action but this may not always be like that. In fact, men enjoy foreplay as well, as it helps them to keep the performance stress away and think about something other than their erection.

• Lack of desire can result in sexual breakdown

Women are quick to conclude when their man experience problem in bed. Most women immediately tend to jump to the conclusion that their partner isn’t interested in them anymore or are having an affair. However, according to sex experts there can be many other reasons for the lack of sex drive or erection. For instance, stress, fatigue, shyness, worries as well as performance pressure can affect their ability to have normal erections. This again shows that men too are driven by emotions during sex.

• Men only like women with perfect bodies

Many women believe this myth and start nurturing complexes if they are not satisfied with their own figure. Men do ogle good-looking women in magazines and on TV but this does not mean that they are looking forward to have these women in their life. It is true that looks play an important role but there are several other factors that make a man fall in love with a woman. For instance, intelligence, humour, elegance and personality of a person play a significant role in making a man fall for a particular woman. According to experts, men are completely aware of the fact that supermodels in magazines aren’t what real women are like. In life, they want a woman who is more human, loving and confident of herself irrespective of her figure.

• Men are not romantic

Just like some women are and some women aren’t