SoftSheen-Carson stylist Johnny Wright keeps Michelle Obama’s mane polished to perfection—and we asked him your top five hair questions: 1) Kara: “How often do you recommend washing your hair if you work out on a daily basis?”

“Less is better. Don’t wash everyday even if you work out. Every other day is a much better option.”

2) Misty: “Do you have a favorite flat iron?”

“I’m in love with the Corioliss Flat Iron. It’s made with titanium, which is less damaging than other metals.”

3) Eva: “What styling tips can you give for women over 40?”

“As women age, their hair tends to thin—so all styles seem flat. Give your look tons of body by choosing a rich thickening cream to plump strands and create volume.”

4) Mia: “What temperature setting should I use to straighten my own hair?”

“Don’t go higher than 350 degrees when using a flat iron on at home.”

5) Joseph Bontilao: “What shampoo do you recommend?”

“I use Roots of Nature Nurturing Shampoo for strong, shiny locks. It’s infused with moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and green tea.”

Source: Instyle