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The world seems crazy post-pandemic, no where is safe anymore.

Houston police are looking for a civilian that shot and killed a man that was trying to rob a taco restaurant.

Is he a hero or villain?

Video surveillance footage shows the robber entering the Ranchito #4 Taqueria restaurant with a black mask and gun drawn and demanding money from customers who were enjoying their meals. However, as the robber goes to exit the establishment after collecting the money, suddenly one of the customers pulls out a gun, shooting the robber nine times, and killing him. The customer then collected up and returned the stolen money to diners before leaving the scene before police arrived.

Texas’s stand your ground statutes allow for someone to defend themselves if they feel their life is in danger, though the line between what constitutes self-defense and unnecessary force can be fine.

Take a look at the video below then give us your thoughts.

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