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Scams on social media are unfortunately a common occurrence, and the police in Solon, Ohio are saying that a new one has hit at least two of their residents.

The safest thing to do on social media is to associate with people you know. Anytime an unknown person reaches out to you offering a way to make some quick cash, that should be a red flag.

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On the Solon Police Facebook page, they state that social media users on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have contacted victims, promising to pay for things like photos and videos. They then email the victim a fake check, which they’re instructed to deposit. That check is then immediately reported as fraud, and the victim, after sending cash to the fake social media account, is out of a lot of money.

It sounds complicated, but if you keep a simple mantra in your head – don’t send money to people on the internet that you don’t know – then you should be OK.

Still, Solon police are taking this very seriously, and if you know someone susceptible to this kind of online behavior then please forward this post to them immediately.

Stay safe, friends.

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