Workout Wednesday

Source: Tracey Brown / Canva

Welcome to The Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star Workout Wednesday with Tracey Brown!

Each week personal trainer Tracey M Brown will show us the best practices, tips, and tricks to a good, positive, fit lifestyle.

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Today’s workout…Full Body Toning Workout with a cardiovascular twist!

4 Rounds…

-Arnold Press – start in 90 degree shoulder position, completely invert your hands to touch , fully open back up. Squeezing your Lat muscles, drive your hands up over head and Repeat!

• 25 reps

-Hurricane Twisters – start off on a squat , clasp your hands together and twist focusing on torso area only. Lower body stays in place.

• 50 reps

-Tree Climb Situps – start on back , using your outer hand to climb the leg. Alternating thigh, calf, toe. Repeating on both sides.

• 20 reps each side

-Skiers – start in standing position, queuing opposite leg with opposite hand. You can hop side to side or just a big step to get your heart rate up. More intensity, reach for the floor and hop.

• 25 reps each side

Check out the tutorial video below

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