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Last month the great debate was Billboard and Vibe’s, rankings of the top 50 rappers of all time in honor of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary.  Some felt shade in the rankings, while some felt that some were unworthy of the ranking.

Another ranking is out, Rolling Stone  “200 Greatest Singers Of All Time”, with Aretha Franklin earning the number 1 spot, Whitney Houston is number two, Sam Cooke is three, Billie Holiday is four, Mariah Carey is five.  Then fast forwarding to number 29 Chaka Khan.  One would think to be ranked 29 out of 200 was pretty good, however Chaka Khan isn’t feeling 29 or the people that are on the list ranked between let’s say number 5 and 29.

During a recent interview when the subject of  “200 Greatest Singers Of All Time” came up, Chaka Khan went off and said that some folks needed to get hearing aids.  She showed no love to Mariah Carey, Adele or Mary J. Blige.

“You know what? That’s why I feel the way I do,”  “These are some blind bat b*tches. These b*tches are blind as a motherf*cking bat! They need hearing aids. They don’t have hearing aids. They have no eyes. They have no ears. You know what? These must be the children of Helen Keller.”

Ironically Chaka Khan did come in at 29 however Celine Dion didn’t even crack 200.

Take a listen to what Chaka Khan had to say about “200 Greatest Singers Of All Time”.  {Warning Chaka Khan was graphic in language}

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