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Experience a historical retrospective as we present a visual journey through time with the Blackest Stories Of The Week. Witness a mosaic of moments that occurred this past week, offering a glimpse into the news that made headlines. Take a weekly dive into a collection of events that range from awe-inspiring to disturbingly shocking, delivered straight to you.

Sunday, April 9

American airlines - stock photo

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A video of an American Airlines passenger allegedly throwing a fuss about being denied a cocktail and getting ejected from a flight has gone popular on social media. When he haggles with them to stay on the plane. The man was seen in the video being removed from his first-class seat by police officers. The cops warn the passenger to leave the airplanes but he stubbornly refuses. Eventually, causing him to be dragged from the aircraft in tears and ultimately detained. The event brings to light the ongoing discussion about airline regulations governing alcohol use and disruptive passenger conduct.

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Monday, April 10

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott listens to reporters

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott has made a promise to pardon former US Army sergeant Daniel Perry, who was found guilty of murdering Black Lives Matter protester Garrett Foster. Perry drove into a crowd of protesters, shot and killed Foster and was convicted by a jury on April 8. Despite the conviction, Abbott has chosen to take Perry’s account of events that Foster raised a weapon at him, as face value. Abbott is now set to use his power to pardon Perry. Subsequently, a move criticized by legal experts and others. The Texas governor has been many accusations of manipulating the law to suit a hard-right conservative agenda.

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Tuesday, April 11

Close-up of lower part of civil protection officer with his work team

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According to East Bay Times, a band of seventeen Antioch police officers have been charged for passing racist jokes, memes, and insults among themselves during a two-year period. The precise texts have not been made public, but the court has voiced worry. They worry that the inflammatory character may encourage further hate or discrimination towards Black and Hispanic community members. Rick Hoffman, who oversees the Antioch Police Association, is one of the officers charged in the inquiry. Five of the policemen are presently the subject of an FBI investigation into potential criminal behavior. The mayor of the city has said that an impartial audit would be carried out to look into the police department’s internal affairs procedure.

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Wednesday, April 12

Stack of VHS video tapes as background. Old video cassette tapes. Retro technology. - stock photo

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According to the original report by Variety, the forthcoming Freaknik: The Wildest Party Never Told documentary on Hulu will examine the background of the famed Freaknik “Black spring break” celebration. The event began as an annual get-together of HBCU students in Atlanta, Georgia. The students felt excluded from other popular spring break locations because to the largely white audience. It finally stopped after several complaints of sexual assault led to it developing into a weekend-long street celebration of promiscuity. Producers like Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell and Jermaine Dupri are going to be included in the documentary, which will be about the event’s rise and decline. There are worries that it would minimize the problem of sexual assaults, which many partygoers have encountered and reported.

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Thursday, April 13

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg speaks during a press conference

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Without offering any proof to back up his charges, Donald Trump is accusing  Black prosecutors looking into him of being racist. White conservatives, who have a history of ignoring Black people’s claims of racism even when supported by proof, have not questioned him on this. The New York Attorney General Letitia James was mentioned by Trump in a recent post on his Truth Social platform. The post regarding a meeting with a “racist” who leaked information about his location. As a result, racist threats from Trump backers have been made against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and his staff. High-profile prosecutors are threatened with violence by white supremacists as a result of these irrational claims of racism.

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Friday, April 14

Comedian Mo'Nique attends the premiere of "Almost Christmas"

Source: Paul Archuleta / Getty

According to AP, Mo’Nique, an Oscar-winning actress and comedian, is suing Paramount Pictures, CBS, and Big Ticket Entertainment for unpaid royalties from The Parkers sitcom. Hicks Media Inc., her media company, sued for breach of contract to recover millions they believed were owed. Mo’Nique is renowned for questioning business norms and demands that payment go to her production company.

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Saturday, April 15

Francisco district attorney Brooke Jenkins

Source: Justin Sullivan / Getty

Although there have been more Black police chiefs in America over the past ten years, issues like police brutality, racial profiling, and excessive use of force have persisted in Black areas. According to Brenda Goss Andrews, President of the National Association of Black Police Enforcement Executives, expecting the senior officers to rapidly address these pervasive problems is an unjust responsibility. Their ability to solve poor policing is still constrained by their fear of losing their employment and a white, male-dominated profession. Diversity, equity, and inclusion in policing will be discussed at a two-day conference hosted by the National Association of Black Law Enforcement Executives.

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