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Please make this make sense.  Ohio police shoot and kill a pregnant woman they accused of stealing alcohol.

A couple of things, she’s pregnant, allegedly stealing alcohol and if she did, that warrants deadly force!?

Ohio police have released body cam footage of a pregnant 21 year old Ta’kiya Young, being shot and killed in a Krogers parking lot in a suburb of Columbus.

The video shows police approaching 21-year-old Ta’kiya Young asking her to get out of the car because she was being accused of stealing something, when Ms. Young refused.  After going back and forth with the police asking her to get out of the car and Ms. Young stating she didn’t steal anything, when she attempted to leave one of the officers shot through her windshield killing her.

That’s the clean version.

In a statement issued Friday alongside the body camera video, the police chief said that the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) is reviewing the incident and the officer who fired the fatal shot is placed on administrative leave.

According to Police Chief John Belton:

“This was a tragedy. Ms. Young’s family is understandably very upset and grieving,”… “While none of us can fully understand the depths of their pain, all of us can remember them in our prayers and give them the time and space to deal with this heartbreaking turn of events.”

Through their attorneys at Walton & Brown LLP, Ta’Kiya Young’s family released a statement Friday.

“After seeing the video footage of her death, this is clearly a criminal act and the family demands a swift indictment of this officer for the killings of both Ta’Kiyah and her unborn daughter.”

Take a look at the video below

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