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When Patrick Braxton became the Mayor of Newbern, Alabama, it should have been a moment of celebration. But Braxton says his welcome to public office was far from warm.

Last fall, Mayor Patrick Braxton filed a lawsuit against the former mayor and council.  His lawyers stated when Braxton won, “The conduct of all the defendants perpetuates the history of race discrimination in the black belt.”

Now Mayor Patrick Braxton says he has been blocked from his mayoral duties since 2020 by the town’s white former mayor amid allegations that race has played a role in keeping him out of office.

“I’m not trying to divide the town. I just want to make the town better,”

According Janice Quarles, one of the Black council members said:

“I feel that it is all about race, and I don’t mind saying that that’s what it’s about, because I’ve lived here all my life,”

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