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Tyrese taking his apology tour to The Breakfast Club, had Tyrese exiting without offering an apology plus feeling some type of way.

Things got real transparent going from entertainment to personal when Tyrese posed the question as to why his divorce was funny when he was there for DJ Envy when he was going through a ruff patch with his wife, why wasn’t he extended the same grace that he extended him.  DJ Envy said Tyrese disrespected his wife, Tyrese said it was his psych meds and Charlamagne tried to stay even in the playing field, at least on-air.

Tyrese took a couple days to think about and he has tearfully responded by saying he wanted the best for DJ Envy and Charlamagne however when DJ Envy said he should have boxed his mouth, it took everything in him to stay seated and that Charlamagne has contributed to his mental health issue.

Take a listen to all of what Tyrese had to say below.

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