Source: Raymond Hall / GettyJada Pinkett Smith, in some peoples eyes, may emasculate and diss Will Smith however that’s her husband and their relationship.  So when Will Smith’s former assistant/friend fired a scandalous rumor, alleging a hook-up between Will Smith and actor Duane Martin went down during an interview with all people Vlogger Tasha K, Jada Pinkett Smith has aligned herself with a response to what went down.

Sidebar:  You would think Tasha K would tread lightly with the tea she helps spills especially the magnitude of the celebrity status of the person that is allegedly getting exposed.  Cardi B’s lawsuit has not curbed her appetite for viral greatness.

According to an interview tease video dropped by Tasha K, Will’s so-called former friend of over 40 years Brother Bilaal claims that he walked into actor Duane Martin’s dressing room and he had Will Smith bent over a couch smashing him.  No sooner then the teaser interview video dropped the red alert alarm sounded on social media and team Will Smith is mad as hell, including his wife, Jada.

TMZ caught Jada out Wednesday morning in NYC, and asked her about the allegation about Will and Duane?  Jada Pinkett Smith’s cool response was “We Suin’!”

I sure hope these folks got some documentation to back they stories up.

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