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Grand Marnier X Teezo Touchdown X UNWRP Holiday Cocktail Kit

The holidays are upon us and many are searching for that perfect gift for their loved ones and friends, and Grand Marnier is here to assist in part of that journey. Partnering with UNWRP, the French liqueur brand linked up with Teezo Touchdown for a cocktail gift set that also celebrates the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop.

Grand Marnier X Teezo Touchdown X UNWRP Holiday Cocktail Kit

Grand Marnier, a cognac and orange liqueur that sips perfectly neat and plays well in cocktail creations, launched its new (W)Rapping Paper program last month. The concept is simple as it combines the culture of Hip-Hop with the gifting season. With the famed brand linking with the Black-owned UNWRP brand, folks can get their hands on the kit that includes the ingredients to make Teezo Touchdown’s favorite drink and also check out some of that cool (w)rapping paper.

Via Cocktail Courier, customers can grab the Grand Margarita holiday cocktail kit while supplies last. The kit comes with Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, Espolòn Tequila Blanco, agave syrup, garnishes and pick nails, and a roll of the limited-edition (w)rapping paper.

“Grand Marnier is once again honoring our storied history of blending unexpected elements to create something extraordinary,” Andrea Sengara, Vice President of Marketing for Campari U.S., shared in a statement. “Just like the unexpected encounter of orange liqueur and cognac coming together to create something grand, this collaboration with UNWRP and Teezo Touchdown to create an item that blends hip hop, the holidays and cocktails demonstrates the fun you can have when you bring together the unexpected.”

Ashley Fouyolle, founder of UNWRP, adds, “Partnering with Grand Marnier on this project was a great experience! I hope our shared love of hip hop and the holidays shine through in the product, We’re excited to bring this special gift (w)rap to consumers—because one thing that makes wrapping gifts that much easier is enjoying a delicious cocktail.”

Grand Marnier X Teezo Touchdown X UNWRP Holiday Cocktail Kit

Teezo Touchdown, who just released his debut album How Do You Sleep at Night? back in September, was deeply involved on the content side and the former bartender displayed parts of his personality fans have come to adore after collaborations with the likes of Travis Scott and Drake this year.

“Grand Marnier’s concept of Grand Encounter speaks to me on many levels,” Teezo Touch said. “With music, it’s about bringing together the unexpected to create one-of-a-kind sounds. With the holidays, it’s about creating a unique and elevated experience for my friends and family – through style, food and cocktails. Talking with Grand Marnier about the experiences I’ve had on this journey while sipping a Grand Margarita and wrapping some crazy stuff has me excited for the season. As a former bartender with a passion for creating cocktails, this collaboration is extra special to me.”

In keeping with the celebration of Hip-Hop culture, Grand Marnier announced a donation to The Hip Hop Museum, which will open its doors in 2025 in Hip-Hop’s birthplace of The Bronx, N.Y.

“Grand Marnier is proud to be among The Hip Hop Museum’s inaugural donors, establishing an authentic partnership with the museum and its profound mission,” Sengara shared. “Funds from Grand Marnier will support the museum’s research and curation of exhibits and collections involving the acquisition of artifacts, memorabilia, and historical items, events and exhibitions, and engaging experts and scholars in the field.”

Donna Davis, Chief Development Officer for The Hip Hop Museum, added, “Grand Manier’s generous support for The Hip Hop Museum is a testament to the power of culture and community. As we embark on this transformative journey, we believe that the museum will serve as a living, breathing testament to the artistic innovation and social impact of hip hop. With Grand Manier’s backing, we are not only preserving the history of this genre but also propelling it into the future, ensuring that the voices, stories, and struggles of hip hop artists continue to resonate and inspire generations to come.”

All of that is very dope on the part of Grand Marnier.

To get your own Grand Marnier x UNWRP x Teezo Touchdown holiday cocktail kit, go here.

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Photo: Cocktail Courier

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